Seetharaman School of Sustainability

Seetharaman School of Sustainability

Doha Bank, the leading advocate and exponent of green banking in Qatar and the region, welcomed a senior delegation from COP18 to its stand at the Qatar Sustainability Expo being held at the Doha Exhibitions Centre.

The delegation was led by H.E. Abdullah Bin Hamad Al-Attiyah the President-elect of the COP18/CMP8 conference and chairman of the Higher Organizing Committee. His Excellency praised the Doha Bank stand and the positive measures being taken by the Bank to showcase and create green programmes in Qatar and congratulated Doha Bank Group Chief Executive Officer, Dr. R Seetharaman. Dr. R Seetharaman escorted the delegation through the stand and highlighted the various programmes that were showcased during the event.

Dr. R Seetharaman, Doha Bank Group CEO during the COP 18 event with VIP delegates

The ECO-Schools programme hosted a “Climate Change School Competition” which included essay writing & painting competitions as well as songs and presentations of environmental projects conducted by the schools as part of the ECO-Schools programme.

During showcase sessions being hosted at the Doha Bank stand at the Expo, Doha Bank also offered corporate entities and visitors in Qatar the ability to learn more about the technology and software that works to help complete data capture and reports as well as how performance indicators are assessed and implemented in a carbon foot print programme.

During COP18, utilizing this software and technology, Doha Bank helped calculate organizations footprint for their buildings after collecting relevant data – covering area in square meters, number of staff occupying the tower, water and electricity consumption for past 12 months.